Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So I had a post lined up...

I was going to talk about the polls on the front page of the WCF Courier. I was going to make a comment about how interesting it is that in Waterloo, Braley and Bill Dix are way ahead, but the races are still viewed as hotly contested, but as I opened up the "create" window, this IM exchange occured between Laura and I (I added the links):

Laura: i just got a phone call from my state senator matt mccoy!!
Laura: tele-roboted!!!
KL: lol, that's great.
Laura: he wants me to have coffee and donuts with him this weekend
KL: When?
Laura: i think i will politely decline, citing my need to work
Laura: saturday morning
Laura: i think
Laura: i stopped listening

Now I'm trying to find out specifics. I wouldn't mind the opportunity to ask Matt McCoy why he lets third graders write his campaign finance reports, takes campaign contributions from energy companies, supports large corporate tax-dollar giveaways and endorses anti choice candidates.

But sadly, I also have to work. I'll probably save my energy.



Anonymous said...

So you do not like McCoy because he doesn't support Uncle Ed and his bolting of the Democratic Party to support Ralph Nader?

KL Snow said...

I could care less if he supports what Rep. Fallon did six years ago, in all honesty. And I fail to see how it has any relevance to this campaign.

I don't like Matt McCoy because he claims to be a Democrat and represents a district that would tip over if it leaned any farther left, but somehow he ends up on the side of big business time after time. And it just so happens that big business sponsors his re-election.

The Uncle Ed thing...what's up with that?

Drew Miller said...

McCoy wants to run for Boswell's spot. Having big business against him would hurt him there.

Anonymous said...

Care less about six years ago? People like Eddie brought us GW Bush, the gift that keeps giving back. Definite lack of loyalty to a party that he now wants to represent as Governor. I am happy he is leaving the statehouse for one and it won't be to the Guv's office. I know you work for him and that is great for your resume, but he is not the person you think he is.

KL Snow said...

I've been working for him for 9 months now, you don't need to tell me who Ed is.

Ed Fallon didn't give us Bush. Was endorsing Nader a bad decision? Yeah. But Gore still won Iowa. Even if every Nader voter had voted Gore because Ed Fallon told them to, Gore still would've gotten 7 electoral votes from Iowa, no change.

I love lines like this:

"Definite lack of loyalty to a party that he now wants to represent as Governor."

I don't want a party loyalist governor. I want a governor who represents Iowans.

I think everyone who isn't supporting Ed because he endorsed the wrong candidate six years ago, or because he doesn't like to wear ties, needs to go get themselves vaccinated for petulance.