Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Touching briefly on Touchplay:

This blog is probably going to revert back to its normal schedule of only blogging in the evenings when I'm home at a decent hour, and on weekends when I've got time, but today I've got a minute while I'm waiting for water to boil for lunch and wanted to pass along these two great posts.

Bacon put a ton of time and research into this piece on Touchplay, and it's excellent. Minimal bias, just a lot of hard-hitting statistics and analysis. Research like this, among other things, is why he's #1 in the list on your right.

Iowa Ennui also has a great post up on the matter. Since I know most of you won't follow links, despite my best intentions, here's the money quote:

To get to this sort of compromise, the TouchPlay money guys are going to have to fold some rounds and let the state take a bigger bite of the profits. It’s only fair, since the state does have to pick up the Medicaid hospital bed that the diabetic TouchPlay junky takes up because she stopped taking her meds because she couldn’t afford them and now her foot ulcer is infected with some flesh eating microbe that a local trial lawyer had planted in the air-conditioning unit and ...well, y’all know the rest of this story. It just keeps spinning.

Water's boiling. I may be back tonight to offer my thoughts.


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