Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Are you serious?

The headline from this Register story is about Fallon, but there's a thought buried in it that's absolutely asinine. Here it is:

Culver told the audience of about 180 people, which included more 60 pharmacy students, that he favors a loan forgiveness program for pharmacy students who graduate from Drake University and the University of Iowa.

He absolutely cannot be serious. My last roommate is studying to be a pharmacist. He confessed to me that he's planning on leaving the state after graduation, because he can only start at $79,000 annually in Iowa. Yes, that's right. Chet Culver wants to refund tuition to those poor poor pharmacists that will somehow have to survive on less than a six-digit annual salary for their first few years out of college.

I'm used to Republicans talking about cutting taxes on the rich. Now Chet Culver wants to pay off student loans for the upper-middle class. In the middle, we've got the middle class, lower middle class, and poor, y'know, the people who need help in the first place.

I'm not sure how much time Culver spent on this concept, but it just reeks of half-thought-out pandering.



Joe said...

Scarier thought: from what I've seen of Chet, he may have actually thought long and hard about this.

RF said...

The more you find out about Chet, the more you start questioning his abilities/reasoning/political skills. This field of candidates is not looking good for Democrats.

Chris said...

$79,000 a year? Ye cats! That's more than my wife and I combined would make in TWO years. Yeesh! And we even have real full-time professional-type jobs and college degrees and stuff. In fact, I made my first student loan payment while I was still in college (trying to get a head start on things) back in 1989. I'm STILL paying my student loans sixteen years later. How about giving ME a break, eh? I stayed in Iowa and everything.

Whine whine whine.

It does seem like our choices are sadly limited this time around.