Saturday, February 18, 2006

Good and bad: A Rick Dickinson press release

As a resident of Iowa's third congressional district, I haven't put a lot of time into considering candidates for the first CD, the race to replace Jim Nussle. I know someone who works for Bruce Braley, and a source I sadly can't name told me Braley is the best progressive in the race, but my mind isn't made up. However, I did get a press release tonight from Rick Dickinson's campaign. Here's enough of it to get the gist:

Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 704 have endorsed Rick Dickinson for Congress. IBEW Local 704 represents 500 workers in the manufacturing and construction industries in seven counties including Dubuque. "Rick Dickinson has been a rainmaker for our members," said Dan Hammel, Local 704 business manager. "The time has come for working people to recognize who helps us put food on the table and who doesn’t." Hammel represents Organized Labor on the Board of Directors for Greater Dubuque Development. Dickinson is on leave as director of GDDC.

On the surface, I admittedly was a little impressed. The endorsement is kind of a big deal, even if it is only 500 votes. Then I read the quote, and while I'm not sure I'd be itching to be called a "rainmaker," the quote seemed sincere enough.

Then I read the next line, and saw who it's from. When you need to send out press releases to let me know people you work for are on your side, that's a sign you don't have much else to tell me. I knew little to nothing about Dickinson before this, but now I know one thing: he's got a viability problem.


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Pissed on the plains said...

I have met Rick a few times and was impressed with him, even before I knew of his political persuasion. He has a good personality, a good face, and he is well known in Dubuque. This and Waterloo are traditionally Democratic strongholds and the voters there now have more reason than ever to return to their roots.