Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ok, so I was a bit mean earlier...

Here's a joke to help you get over it.

I had this conversation with Gavin a little while ago. TheEvilKL is me.

Gavin (3:08:59 PM): when's ed coming to ames next?
TheEvilKL (3:10:30 PM): not sure
Gavin(3:10:35 PM): thanks a lot
TheEvilKL (3:11:14 PM): no prob. Anything else I can not help you with?
Gavin (3:11:25 PM): lol
Gavin (3:11:32 PM): i'll think about it
TheEvilKL (3:11:44 PM): Does the Register's webpage work for you?
Gavin (3:12:01 PM): yep
TheEvilKL (3:12:04 PM): odd
TheEvilKL (3:12:07 PM): won't let me in.
Gavin (3:13:09 PM): it doesn't like you
TheEvilKL (3:13:20 PM): Well, that's understandable.
Gavin (3:13:33 PM): yeah
TheEvilKL (3:27:41 PM): Hell, most days I don't even like me.
Gavin (3:27:59 PM): i hear ya
Gavin (3:28:05 PM): i'm not a big fan of you either
TheEvilKL (3:28:08 PM): lol
TheEvilKL (3:28:24 PM): The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that someone has to keep soccer from becoming popular.
Gavin (3:28:52 PM): haha
Gavin (3:28:54 PM): you bastard


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