Monday, July 05, 2004

Greetings from Appleton, WI, and happy day after the 4th of July.

Another blog, and another e-mail from the Bush administration. This one comes from the same address,, but this time it's shown as being from "Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman." To negate Ryan's argument about these e-mails not really being from the Bush administration, first google Ken Mehlman, then check out Both are legit.

This e-mail comes with the subject "Happy 4th of July from Bush-Cheney '04!" I must give them credit. This time they failed to offend me with the subject line. And on the inside...nothing! That's right. No message whatsoever. I must give them credit. This is the best political spam I've ever gotten from someone I called a Nazi the week before.

Anyway, on to more notable stuff.

I've been off work since June 25, on a leave of absence to recover from surgery. My leave of absence officially ends tomorrow, July 6th. However, no one seems to know exactly how that works. There's some uncertainty as to whether I can work tomorrow, or if I can't work until Wednesday. I called in to work on Thursday, and no one knew when I work again. They told me they'd have an answer Friday. No answer Friday. Today came and I called again, figuring I'd have to go back to work tomorrow. Instead, I called and got this great quote. "Well, we've looked into it, and we're pretty sure you either need to come back into work tomorrow, or you can't work until Wednesday." That made my brain hurt. I've got off until Wednesday to recover from that.

Laura and I went to fireworks in Green Bay last night and destroyed the "Bigger town = better fireworks" theory. They were ok. Not spectacular though. The fireworks in both Wisconsin Rapids and Minocqua have in the past been more impressive. However, to the best of my knowledge neither a boar nor a house was hit by Green Bay's fireworks, so I guess they've got that going for them, which is nice.

I made the most pointless string of errands ever today. First, I did lunch with Laura, admittedly not pointless. However, from there I made the road trip to Power House Comics, walked across the street, pulled on the door, and it stayed closed. Power House Comics is closed on Monday and Tuesday, so if you're making your very own KL Snow pilgrimage and you're travelling to places I've been, visit Power House Comics on a day that's not a Monday or Tuesday.

I went from there to the mall, equally pointless cause I was there on Saturday and Sunday too. I did buy a couple of books, though.

Then I went to Video Gamestar, which may become another important stop on the KL Snow tour. They sell used NES games. After about 10 minutes in the parking lot on the phone with Ryan, I went in and spent way more than I should have on NES games which I'll play during Wednesday's "Back to the Pile" tour, when I'm readjusting to life as a working dude.

Finally, I came back to Laura's house and looked up another comic book store online, Collector's something or other. I went there and almost freaked out. To quote what I said to Ryan, "There's a comic book store on Morrison, or at least there will be until the building finally rots out and falls down....possibly as soon as tomorrow. I'm serious. The floor slants and creaks and groans under your feet, there's no music playing inside, it's like being inside a house abandoned for 30 years...there's comic books scattered everywhere with no rhyme or reason...I found one comic I was looking for and gave up on digging for the other two. It was a treasure hunt with a creepy silent man watching me. He followed me, a few steps behind, and re-straightened racks after I looked at them, even sometimes after I didn't touch them. It was like reading Rain Man's comic book collection." Yeah. It really was that scary.

Anyway, time to go, getting restless.

Long post concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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