Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ok. I got out of surgery today and everything's ok. Thanks for everyone who's expressed support, maybe I'll talk about that another time. Right now I need to rant before the moment passes.

I got an e-mail today. It was spam, and it was from our president. It was about a video they made about John Kerry, comparing him to the Nazis. They then justified calling John Kerry a Nazi because he and Al Gore (what the fuck does Al Gore have to do with this?) have called the Bush administration Nazis before. Thank you President Bush, you hire speechwriters and content experts to deal with this and the best they could come up with is "He started it." The next time you come up with something this fucking stupid don't even waste my time with it.

There are two groups of people in this world I hate with the fire of a thousand suns. One of them currently runs our government, and one of them sends me spam day after day about generic viagra, making my penis and/or breasts grow, and refinancing my mortgage. It's really rather fitting when they show up in my inbox next to each other.

Here's the e-mail I returned to the gracious folks who felt the need to tell me what the President wanted to waste my time with today.

Why do you continue to ludicrously spam my inbox? I
don't like your candidate. I've compared him to a Nazi
myself. I find your use of mass e-mail sickening and
your policies flat-out disheartening. And Yahoo's
inability to block your crap from filling my inbox
should be criminal.

Please don't bother me anymore. You lost my vote years
ago. Satan could run against you and I'd vote for him.

And I feel like I let them off light cause I'm tired and on pain killers. Maybe the next time I'll hit them harder.

Rant concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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Ryan said...

But honestly... you don't actually think it was from the Bush administration do you?? I think you are on a few too many pain killers.. probably a good thing that they didn't give you vicodin.