Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ok, to start off with, here's a random thought:

If a tree falls on a florist and no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Maybe it's only funny to me. Here's a quick rundown of where I've been, as copied and pasted from the story I told someone else on AIM cause I'm too lazy to write it all again:

on Thursday I went fishing with my dad during the day, then drove to Rapids to pick Laura up, and then drove to Des Moines, getting there slightly after midnight.

Friday we slept in a bit, then went apartment hunting, out to lunch in the suburbs, met Ben to get my apartment keys, went to the cell phone office, went back into town and signed the lease on an apartment, rented a storage unit, went out job hunting for Laura, went job hunting for me, had dinner with Tara and rented Amelie.

Saturday we spent almost 7 hours cleaning my apartment and moving out. It took 3 loads with Laura's van to get all my stuff to the storage unit. I also had to mangle the metal frame of my bed to get it out because it wouldn't come apart (most mangling was preceded by the phrase "Hulk angry"), then I cooked dinner at Laura's apartment, we went to Bourne Supremacy with Tara, and got to bed slightly after midnight again.

Sunday we slept in, went out for brunch, went to the mall so Laura could shop for purses and I could practice my "Frankenstein wastes a minute of our time" impression, went to Tara's apartment to give her her birthday present, went back to Laura's apartment, cleaned up and packed, and drove back to Rapids.

Monday (yesterday) morning I had to leave my dad's by 8 so I could be to work by 10, where I worked until 7. So my ass is worn out.

Actually, after the weekend ended, things didn't get tremendously better...I took it easy after work last night but I was sick overnight again, stupid gall bladder insists on giving me pain even though it's not there anymore. I really want to know what's wrong but I'm scared to go find out, surgery once was enough.

Anyway, there's a fun adventure I missed in my telling of the weekend story, so I'll tell it now. Laura and I went to brunch at Granite City on Sunday, and both of us ate way more than we should, so we weren't hungry until late Sunday night. We decided we would order Papa John's when we got to Rapids...this was someplace in southern Minnesota. Then I remembered, we were talking about Rapids here, not Des Moines, so I wondered if Papa John's would still be open. Here's a step-by-step of the remaining process:

I called Ryan. I'm not sure why, I just thought he should know. And if not, I could use him to look it up. Anyway, Ryan was on the other line with Tara. So I told him about my problem, hung up and waited for him to call me back.

A few minutes later, Tara called. She wasn't Ryan, but I recovered from that surprise long enough to get the phone number for Papa John's.

I called the number Tara gave me. It was disconnected.

I called 411 on my cell phone, and got a man who spoke almost no english. I told him Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and gave him Papa John's, and he told me the nearest Papa John's was in Waukesha. Yes, Waukesha. Farther away than Appleton, La Crosse, Stevens Point, Madison, Oshkosh, Fond Du Lac, Wausau, Marshfield, and about 20 other cities I'm certain must have a Papa John's. 161.3 miles, to be exact. I told him thanks for wasting my time.

I had crossed into Wisconsin in this time, and now I decided to just wait until I was in Rapids and resolve it from there. When we got to Rapids I went to papajohns.com to order online, and found Rapids doesn't have a Papa John's anymore, so I couldn't order.

I went to Wal Mart and bought a frozen pizza.

Frustration concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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