Sunday, July 11, 2004

Ok. I'm going to make this lead-in short and sweet. I don't do crack cause I have moments like this without the aid of any drug.

And now, an all new One Act Play by KL Snow!

KL is sitting at his computer. He's typing. A large screen shows his activity. He has this conversation with LilRichysSpanky, aka Ryan.

TheEvilKL: New topic for discussion, the possible merits and pitfalls of living in a 2 dimensional world like that of Sonic the Hedgehog.
LilRichysSpanky: hmmm
LilRichysSpanky: let me ponder that
TheEvilKL: Merit: Giving directions would be incredibly easy. "Just keep going right until you get there."
LilRichysSpanky: lol
TheEvilKL: Pitfall: Highway traffic coming from the left would be coming straight at highway traffic coming from the right.
LilRichysSpanky: pitfall: girth can't be used to compensate for lack of length.
TheEvilKL: ummm.....dude...
LilRichysSpanky: lol
LilRichysSpanky: i keed i keed
LilRichysSpanky: i find a hole in your traffic pitfall
LilRichysSpanky: though there is no depth
LilRichysSpanky: the cars would jsut pass through one another
TheEvilKL: I find a hole in your girth pitfall.
LilRichysSpanky: oh really?
TheEvilKL: Yeah. Something could be short in length but still have a big height.
LilRichysSpanky: hmm
LilRichysSpanky: then i don't see any pitfalls
TheEvilKL: But wouldn't it be like living in the median strip of a highway? Anyone trying to go left or right would indefinitely have to pass right by you.
LilRichysSpanky: yeah
TheEvilKL: Tara's having a harder time buying into my 2 dimensional world.
LilRichysSpanky: i like it
TheEvilKL: The lack of ability to hug has her concerned.
TheEvilKL: I told her we'd just have to press up against each other. Naked.
LilRichysSpanky: no
LilRichysSpanky: you couldn't
LilRichysSpanky: unless you were enemies
TheEvilKL: LOL...I thought you might object.
LilRichysSpanky: because otherwise you'd just be parallel with each other
TheEvilKL: So one in a 2 dimensional world would only have sex with one's enemies?
LilRichysSpanky: i guess so
TheEvilKL: That's a pitfall.
LilRichysSpanky: is tails sonic's buddy?
TheEvilKL: Yeah
LilRichysSpanky: yeah.. see
LilRichysSpanky: sonic and tails don't hit each other
LilRichysSpanky: but they both run into dr. robotnik
TheEvilKL: So I'm gonna end up walking into a bar and using pickup lines like "Hey, bitch!" and "Say, have you gained weight?"
LilRichysSpanky: just might work
LilRichysSpanky: although
LilRichysSpanky: then you could get slapped too
TheEvilKL: I might be better at picking up 2 dimensional chicks.
TheEvilKL: It'd have to be like a straight palm thrust...anything to the sides of my face would require 3 dimensions...I'd probably break my nose a lot.
LilRichysSpanky: yeah
LilRichysSpanky: punches to the gut
LilRichysSpanky: groin
TheEvilKL: I'm naking this conversation into a blog entry.
TheEvilKL: It's going to be an all new One Act Play.
LilRichysSpanky: woohoo

Humor concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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