Saturday, December 27, 2003

Greetings from Vesper, WI, home of...well, damn near nothing at all.

But today it was the site of day 4 of the 4 days of Christmas. They went reasonably notable disputes, one very largely notable victory.

I'm not going to bore you with general tales of what I got and who I one wants to read that. I'll tell you the happy stuff and the funny stuff and if you wanna know the rest, ask me.

Friday night I was going to go see Laura in Appleton, and Friday morning I was in Wal Mart in Rapids. I needed two things. I'm not going to specify these things, but let's just say that when I got up to the cashier, a cute girl, the items I was carrying screamed two things: 1) taken, and 2) whipped. And the cute girl behind the register asks me, "Can I come along?" People shouldn't do that to me in the hours before I have caffeine. She was a cute girl and I almost said yes on reflex. As it was, it's a good thing I just laughed, cause...

LAURA AND I ARE A COUPLE NOW!!! It makes me happy. :-) We confirmed it last night. And we're still a couple even though the silverware at Victoria's was smarter than I was.

I'm tired today. I fell asleep while opening presents on day 4 of the 4 days of Christmas. Five would be too much.

I drew a Ninja Turtle yesterday...working from a template, granted, but it is nonetheless a turtle and it looks good. Maybe I'll scan it when I return to the greater DSM area.

Other people are way funnier than me today. Go read something they wrote.

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