Monday, January 05, 2004

I don't think I've posted since the New Year so now would probably be a good chance to say I don't know it's 2004 yet cause I didn't watch the Rose Bowl. So happy extended 2003.

With that said, for the most part the previous year's extension has been good to me. New Year's in Milwaukee was nice for the most part, the New Year's party I attended with Laura was a little weak but everything else we did was fun so it all evens out.

As it turns out Laura and I parted ways on Thursday afternoon and I turned around and drove back to Appleton to pick Laura up on Friday and took her to Minocqua. Our weekend at home was awesome, spent 2 days in town and really did nothing other than play with the puppy and hang out together...very relaxing and I'm very glad it worked out that way...sadly, I won't see Laura again til we're back in Des Moines, but at least we got to spend some time together before we had to part for a week.

And, as it turns out, it's also a really good thing I brought a friend home with me. Cause I found out I don't have nearly as many friends at home as I had previously counted on. Case in point:

I hadn't heard from anyone at home since before New Year's when Laura and I arrived in town on Friday night. But I wanted Laura to meet as many people as possible so I showed up Saturday night someplace where I assumed it'd be a safe bet people would be hanging out. What I found instead was a party. Talk about embarassing. I've been telling Laura for weeks about my friends at home and when I get home, and go to introduce her to them, I'm forced to admit that the people I've been talking about for weeks planned a going away party and DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING CALL ME. I'm not asking for anyone to drag me to this party or save me a seat or a slice of pizza but generally when you have friends, and they plan something, they make some effort to contact you. It was my last night in Minocqua and all of a sudden I was really happen to have someone else to spend it with. If any of you guys read this, which I'm almost sure you won't, thanks for the fair warning. I know now who I don't have to bother to call the next time I'm in town.

I'll be back in Des Moines on Wednesday night.

Rant concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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