Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, I don't have a lot of time right now, but here's what's up:

First day of classes's really kinda sad that I went to my first one and then had the urge strike to skip the rest of them...I'm holding it off...for now.

Things on the home front are pretty good. Peace reigns in most of my relationships, so I've got that going for me, which is nice. (Caddyshack reference)

Tonight J.D. Fox and myself are calling the Drake women's basketball game against Illinois State, which probably doesn't interest anyone who regularly reads my blog, but it is a possibility to hear my voice for those of you who have not. You can check it out at . Gametime is at 7 for those of you within the Central Time Zone.

I was planning on trying to write something funny to put in here today cause my blog hasn't been very funny in a long time, but before I could do it Ryan came through in the clutch for me without even knowing I needed him to. He found something I wrote years ago, which he had for some reason saved all this time. Ryan, you're the man. Here they are, the rambling thoughts of the young mind of he who had not yet become KL Snow.

Oh before I start, this was Ryan's introduction to it:

This is from January 14th, 2000. It was in my saved
e-mail folder or something like that... the ramblings
of a yound klsnow... hahahaha

and now, here it is:

I don't think I've ever had as many strange thoughts
go through my mind in one day as I've had today. So I
thought I'd send them out to all of you, maybe you'll
be amused, maybe you'll just become convinced I'm
mentally ill, or maybe you deleted them in your inbox.
In any way, however you choose to use them, have fun,
and don't abuse warped thoughts, because for every
twisted thing you think, there's a twisted person
somewhere who happened to like that idea. :)

If I ever become immortal, I'm going to go lay down in
the middle of the interstate, and wait for someone to
hit me at about 100 MPH. Then, when they stop to see
what they hit, I'm going to jump up and ask them "Is
that all you've got?"

When the first caveman saw snow, I wonder what he
thought it was. Maybe he thought "Damn, I knew that
Head and Shoulders wouldn't work."

I hope primitive hunter-gatherer type people never
move into my front yard, because if they do, my weiner
dog doesn't stand much of a chance.

I wonder who was the first kid ever to get his eye
shot out by a BB gun he was too young to have.

If it's really cold outside, and you have a runny
nose, does your nose freeze solid?

I wonder what the first caveman ever to get his tongue
stuck to a flagpole thought.

I miss the days of the old west, when towns were few
and far between, and the buffalo could fly over the
rivers with their little wings, which we later
brutally tore off in the search for a good meal.

America creates 25% of the world's trash. What do all
the other countries do with their junk?

I wish Japanese-speaking people were subtitled in real
life, like they are in movies, so there would be one
less language in the world to learn.

If evolution is a natural process, with creatures
adapting to their surroundings to make life easier,
can we expect animals to be born with tank barrels
sticking out of their heads?

I wish I had man-eating sheep. No reason, I just wish
I did.

If radiation eventually causes all the fish to grow 3
eyes, will someone someday flip out because they
caught a fish with 4 eyes?

Cordless phones may be the greatest invention ever.
Now, not only can we avoid traveling by talking to
someone on the phone, we can take that phone with us,
and avoid traveling without ever getting out of bed.

Last year, I turned 16. I counted the days until I
turned 16, because I could get my license. Then I had
to wait until almost 2 months later to get it anyway.
I wonder if, when I turn 21, they'll make me wait
until July 1 to buy alcohol too.

Humor concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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