Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Project Debt Spinny Destiny back on the ballot

From the Register:

A plan that was yanked from November’s ballot asking voters to approve a 1-cent sales tax in Polk, Dallas and Warren counties will return in a special election July 10, advocates of the plan announced today.

The plan, known as Project Destiny, is backed by the Greater Des Moines Partnership and touted as a way to inject almost $75 million each year into 47 city and three county governments.
Here's the amazing part of this concept: Someone, somewhere, thinks that people are going to see it as a tax cut if they pay lower property taxes and cover the costs by raising the sales tax. It's a shell game at best.

This increase has a slight chance to passing if they do manage to get it on a special election ballot in July, at least more of a chance than it would have had if it had been on the ballot in November. But it's still a slight chance at best. Someone at the Greater Des Moines Partnership is determined to make this work. Now it's up to the voters to reject regressive taxation.


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BuddyGoodness said...

What a croc, they piss away the last sales tax increase and don't do what they were supposed to do with that money. Now they come back with their hang outs expecting us to give them more money to waste, not a chance.