Friday, June 16, 2006

What I intended to have for you today:

Before today, I hadn't slept a full night since about March. The combination of allergies, stress and other factors woke me up 2-3 times a night and meant I almost never actually had to set an alarm to wake up.

Last night, for once, I actually slept straight through...and woke up at 10:30, too late to finish work on the stuff I intended to blog about this morning. Oops.

Then, this afternoon, I interviewed former US Senator and Democratic candidate for president Mike Gravel (campaign site, Wikipedia). I had read this AP story about his visit to Iowa, and figured I'd sit with him for about 15 minutes, get enough material to write about, and come back and use one of the following headlines:

Gravel paving the way towards 2008 caucuses

Gravel won't appeal to those looking for concrete solutions

Gravel hitting the asphalt in Iowa

Fact of the matter is, I underestimated him. I interviewed him for almost an hour and a half, met with one of his staffers, spoke to a reporter from the Boston Globe who came to Iowa with him, and returned with pages upon pages of notes, a press guide full of material and a lot of topics to research. I'm going to work on those tonight and I'm hoping to have something up in the next few days.

So, to sum it up, I'll be back with the dirt on Gravel later.


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GeoRip said...

The Manchester Union Leader called Mike Gravel the "real deal".

What Mike challenges us to achieve is democracy in the here and now, direct democracy. Are we strong enough to fulfill the Manifest Destiny of real democracy in America?

Can we believe in each other? Can we visualize ourselves making a better future for everyone?

Let's Take America Back for keeps.

Sen. Gravel deserves your attention.

George Ripley

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