Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eminent Domain Debate Imminent

Chris Woods was the first on the scene with a letter Ed Fallon sent out yesterday asking state convention delegates to add the following plank to the state platform:

There are legitimate uses of eminent domain for public purposes, but Iowans need greater protection from its abuses. Therefore we support legislation giving greater protection to property owners from the seizure of private property for economic development purposes.

I would encourage potential delegates any anyone else politically involved in Iowa to consider getting on board with this. I'm sponsoring the amendment to the platform, and will be speaking on its behalf Saturday at the convention. We as Democrats cannot be seen as dragging our feet when the property rights of Iowans across the state are at stake.



Chris Woods said...

Do you know anything about this KCCI story that just went up? LINK

KL Snow said...

I don't, in all honesty, although given the Democrats in the state legislature's tendency to walk in lock-step, it doesn't surprise me.

If they can't override the veto, they'll go back and approve the same bill again. Then Vilsack will wait for months, until the legislature has gone home again, and veto it again.

Your tax dollars at work.