Tuesday, December 27, 2005

State 29 responds, then I do too

State 29 took the time to respond to this post, which also drew an unsigned, anonymous response with the same concerns. I found that intriguing. I couldn't reply directly to State's post (they don't allow comments), so I sent them this e-mail:

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my concerns. Seeing as you don't allow comments on your blog, I hope you'll understand that I'm sending you this e-mail and then posting the content in my blog.

Admittedly, in my post, I didn't explain why your views are wrong, and I don't need to, cause that's not my point. If it was purely a matter of truth vs fiction or your opinion vs mine I wouldn't care, because differences of opinion are part of what makes the blogosphere interesting. I think the paragraph you must've missed is this one:

"State 29's rabid hyperpartisanship, on the other hand, is just focused on disallowing those of us in the blogosphere from having informed discussion without being called a Jew-hater, race pimp, or in this case, all in one post, socialist assholes, economic morons and a bitter, angry, and unhinged Bush-hater who plays the class envy card because he's too much of a loser to get a job that pays more than $30,000 a year."

Admittedly, hyperpartisanship may have been the wrong word. But the point I made in the rest of that paragraph is what I think you missed. I don't care who you disagree with, but when you bash them personally instead of refuting their ideas, it's just an angry weak argument.

Take, for example, your post about Sharpton from today.

"Via Instapundit and via Ed Cone (nice job citing here) we discover that Al Sharpton, the race-baiter (slam 1), Jew-hater (slam 2), liar (slam 3), hoaxer (slam 4), and former candidate for the Democratic nomination for President (fact, with an implied slam) has been doing TV commercials for LoanMax.

LoanMax, run by the perfectly-named Rod Aycox (slam 5) (who also runs LoanSmart), owns the entire car-title loan industry in Iowa. This is the same car-title loan industry that charges up to 360% APR, something that Republicans Willard Jenkins of Waterloo and Christopher Rants of Hell find perfectly OK. (another fact with a slam buried in it)"

I hate car title loans and will continue to work against them. That's not the point. The point is that when you can't finish two paragraphs without 5 outright slams and two more implied ones, it's not informed political debate anymore. It's just a whole bunch of ranty crap.

Anyway, there's my concern. Thanks again for responding to it, the link is always good for hits.


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Anonymous said...

Jeez Madman, you are being paranoid. My name is Dan, I'm a reader of both you and State, I post anonymously at blogspot sites because I don't want to fiddle with yet another username and password.

You shouldn't treat your posters with such distrust. I didn't post Anonymously because of identity, but because of the hassle.

Sorry about that!

In any case, I have no problem with anyone who nails raconteurs on the head. State did that with Sharpton. The guy is an opportunist, a liar and a crook. Apparantly, because he's black, we aren't allowed to peg him as such?

Now that's racist.

Dan in Ankeny