Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A mid-week quiz, some procrastination, and an anniversary :

Hat tip to Thoughts from the Oasis Amidst the Corn, who also debuts at #10 in the rankings on your right.

baked alaska
You taste like baked alaska. Your sweetness is
only matched by your smooth and creamy texture.
You are sure to set fire to anyone's taste

How do you taste?
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As an aside, ranking 13 blogs is starting to strain my urge to procrastinate...after a day at work, I look at that list and think "I'll re-shuffle it some other time."

Finally, just to add a third point to a strangely politics free post, I think I may be going soft. I made reservations today for Laura and I for our two-year anniversary. We're going here, and staying in The Dollroom.

Comments about how tasty/romantic I am just may raise your blog ranking.



Drew Miller said...

There's always alphabetical order.

Chris Woods said...

Looks like a very romantic place. Congratulations on the anniversary and happy holidays!