Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let me step into someone else's shoes for a moment...

Ok, so blasting the Register is a game other people usually play and I try to ignore, but this one is just too good:

Take a look at this article, titled "Postal workers want powdery substance tested."

The first paragraph:

"A powdery substance found at the Valley Junction post office in West Des Moines will be tested to alleviate fears of a handful of employees who think the dust is floating asbestos, a cancer-causing substance, said a U.S. Postal Service safety official."

That paragraph is a terrible lead. If you're going to be that dramatically one-sided, you might as well just say:

"Whiny bitches in Valley Junction think they're being exposed to asbestos, but they're not. They're just whiny, and bitches."

Then, as the story goes along, it turns out that...

a) The back room flooring is flaking apart and is made of asbestos.
b) The floors are safe if kept sealed, which stopped happening months ago.
c) The post office won't say why it stopped.

But unless you read the whole story, you'd never know that the first paragraph's "handful of employees" who need their "fears alleviated" are probably right.


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Anonymous said...

Great post! Apparently the Register reporter would not mind working in an environment that is positively toxic. Perhaps he will volunteer for landmine location duty in afghanistan?