Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm finally using titles, and State 29 has jumped the shark.

There's a fine line between being snarky and just being a straight-out asshole, and State 29 is across it. Let's take a look at some recent quotes:

Kwanzaa is a "holiday" for black criminals, Marxists, racists, and liars.

Surely we'll see the results of the 2005 poll in the next week or so, but we have a question or two for the far-lefties who claim to "support the troops" but then endlessly complain about how !!!!BUSH LIED!!!! about the war.

We still think the ultimate point of this exercise, besides selling books and making political hay, is to find a reason for far-lefty Democrats to go forward with impeachment charges (or at least the appearance of an impeachable charge) against President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Rumsfeld, and every other slightly Republican sympathizer on the planet.

Meanwhile, some people are too obsessed with impeaching Bush over something - anything. Their rabid hyperpartisanship extends all the way to disallowing our country to defend itself from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

State 29's rabid hyperpartisanship, on the other hand, is just focused on disallowing those of us in the blogosphere from having informed discussion without being called a Jew-hater, race pimp, or in this case, all in one post, socialist assholes, economic morons and a bitter, angry, and unhinged Bush-hater who plays the class envy card because he's too much of a loser to get a job that pays more than $30,000 a year.

State 29 still hasn't responded to my last effort to get their attention, and probably won't. But I'm starting to be embarassed by the fact that their tripe appears next to a Fallon digital yard sign.



Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What untrue thing has State written about with which you disagree?

Kwanzaa is a bunk holiday with phony origins. Its founder did rape and torture women. Its mythology is a mishmash of characatures which are an insult to true Africanness. The only people who push it at all are a handful of handwringing uppity whites (looking to score ching) and Kwanzaa, Inc.

And you think it is okay for people to become overburdened by debt in pursuit of a certified inability to pay it back? Whatever happened to the cycle of poverty?

Finally, I'm not sure how torching Grassley on a daily basis as a porker and lighting up Steve King of Pain passes for hyperpartisanship, particularly when state seems perfectly capable of outing Rekha Basu as a certified dork in the same column.

So I guess my question is: Partisan to which side?

Anonymous said...

Just for clarity, because apparantly anonymous posts are reason for immediate distrust, I posted the above.

Dan, a reader of both youse guys, in Ankeny.