Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What is that?

This post is rated E for Everyone.

As some/most of you know, my Yahoo mail has a problem. Y'know those virus links you get from people over IM sometimes cause people are dumb and don't use Trillian? Yeah, I clicked on one. Wasn't thinking. So some asshole got my Yahoo username/password, and had control over my account for a week or so. I busted back in, changed the password, but one remnant of that era remains. My e-mail is still in traditional Chinese. As such, I also still have traditional Chinese ads.

That's where the picture up above comes in. It's a Domino's Pizza ad from China. Apparently Domino's in China is also an excellent source of fried chicken and tater tot lookin things. But more intriguing to me is this: What the hell is on that pizza?

I've magnified it several times now, and I see shrimp. That's not that weird...I guess. The red things and the green things are open to interpretation. Any guesses?



Drew Miller said...

Haha that is awesome. Some kind of pepper maybe? Maybe eel.

P.S. Gaim > Trillian.

KL Snow said...

I'm not familiar with Gaim, cause I also talk to people over Yahoo and MSN, so Trillian works better for me.

btw - Babelfish finally helped me save my e-mail.