Thursday, September 29, 2005

OK, we're back to the OINK rating.

I'm openly looking for new Iowa-focused political blogs this week after new friendRandom Mentality decided to take some time off as well. Iowa Ennui has returned, thankfully, but I'm starting to wonder if being linked here isn't a kiss of death.

With that said, however, I'm acknowledging two more blogs today that fit my criteria:

I know Chris Woods, the primary poster at Political Forecast, a little bit, we've had classes together. I don't agree with his opinions on a fair number of things, and his blog is a little national for my taste, but Chris is a good guy, and after our conversation last night, I'm interested in seeing how he covers the governor's race.

Iowa Ramblings appears to be the new "anonymous poster who bashes everything" blog, but right now, State 29 appears to enjoy their work and anyone who uses pictures like this of insane Congressman Steve King is good enough for me.

The two debut at the bottom of the rankings, just above the inactive, with Political Forecast getting the edge cause I know who writes it.



Chris Woods said...

Thanks for the link. I'll hopefully begin focusing on the governor's race a bit more in-depth in the near future.

And I'll definitely provide some more links to the stuff you write. Particularly when you talk about Boswell and his need to retire. :-)

Iowa Ennui said...

Hi Snow guy,

What the @#$% do you mean by "kiss of death"? Not that I mind, really, I appreciate the fact that you like my quirky POV, but it would be helpful if you could clarify that comment.


KL Snow said...

Do I call you Iowa? Mr./Ms. Ennui? Either way, I assure you it's nothing negative.

My concern is merely this: I linked you, then you got discouraged and gave up blogging for a while. Now you're back and I'm happy for that.

I linked Drew Miller, and now he's MIA.

I linked Random Mentality, and less than a week later she went on hiatus.

There seems to be a definite connection between my linking of blogs and the decline/departure of their content. I'm pretty sure the two are wholly unrelated, but if I were superstitous, I'd be worried.

Thanks for the comment,


Me said...

Hey, I made my reappearance. I was just mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive.