Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some thoughts while I wait for my laundry:

There's two new links on the right hand side in the "political, non-crackpot" section. They're related in one way.

I learned about Brian Schweitzer, the Governor of Montana, through this post at Jason Boothe's blog that links to this article.

In terms of actual platform, Schweitzer is a little closer to the center than I am. But if you're looking for electable (cause we never seem to learn from that mistake) Schweitzer may be your guy. And we do agree on my biggest issue, campaign finance reform. Do you realize, at a price of less than $3 million per year, Iowa could completely negate the impact of special interests? That's about 1/40th of what we give to insurance companies annually in tax breaks.

Schweitzer wins without big money too. He goes out, he talks to people, he listens, he knows his constituents, and he might just be the most likeable man to run for President in my lifetime, if he runs. Go to the Schweitzer for President blog and sign the petition to get him to run. Do it now.


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