Wednesday, August 24, 2005

FYI - If you haven't Google Alerted yourself, go do it now. Sometimes you'll find interesting stuff, sometimes you'll find crazy stuff, but at least you'll know if someone puts your name online.

Today's case in point: My Google Alert sent me to this page at I think we can safely file this one under "Get a life." Someone took the time, and apparently a lot of it, to figure out, expense by expense, who the Democratic Party paid, and for what, during the last election cycle. Strangely enough, I show up on the list twice. The first one is my first paycheck, with my middle initial. After that, we dropped the middle initial, really, the "J" was just getting between me and my fans.

Anyway, I clicked on the other entry under me and found this. Here's the item-by-item analysis of my short period with the IDP. As you can see, I was a glutton for election day expenses.

But honestly, beyond checking to see what my co-workers made, I couldn't find any useful use for this site. and i'm a political geek. Does really think anyone cares about the $5 the Dems spent at Loaf N Jug #28 on July 22 for "travel?"

I don't.

This has been KL Snow

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Drew Miller said...

I'm sure Republicans care - if someone is trying to pass themselves off as an independent, they can go here and check to see if they've been paid by the Democrats. I'm sure there is a corresponding page for the Republicans that we can check. I like this kind of stuff, because I believe that data wants to be free. :-)

Also, I can't google alert myself because all I get are "prep sports roundups" :-/ Keep linking to my blog as "Drew Miller" and I should be #1 in google before long though.