Saturday, August 27, 2005

Several thoughts today, in no particular order:

I put a Google Adbar at the top, and I feel a bit like a whore for doing so, but it is for a good cause. All revenue generated will be donated to Fallon for Governor. So if you want to help support the cause but are too cheap to do so yourself, click the ads and donate a few cents to Fallon for Governor. We'll get more out of those few cents than Culver or Blouin would have, I can promise you that.

Other blogs I should note this week:

Wikipedia doesn't really count as a blog, but they do have a page on Ed now, which I...umm...might have had something to do with.
State 29 mentioned it too.
Ed spoke at the Associated Press Managing Editors Conference in Ames this morning, and to say Drew Miller was all over it would be an absolute understatement. BTW - if anyone would like to see the full text of today's speech, I've got it. I disagree with Drew's prognosis on what we had to say, but seeing as I wasn't there to see it, I can't argue with the delivery.
One more link to Drew, this week he got so bored he name-dropped me.

This week was my first real foray into the realm of employer, as we interviewed candidates for our organizer positions. I'd been on the other side of that table many, many times, but interviewing candidates is tougher than I'd expected, and deciding on a final candidate is much tougher. I can't give too many specifics, because we haven't informed our winners/non-winners yet, but our last interview was yesterday morning at 10, we started to debate which candidates (and how many) to hire shortly thereafter, and two days later, the debate is still raging on. I guess I always figured this process was a little more cut and dry.

Anyway, weekends are good. I'm going to miss them when I don't have them anymore.

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