Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Chicken Salad from Chicken Shit
by KL Snow

Step 1: Get shit on.
I attended my first class today on "The Iowa Environment," the last science class I'll ever have to take. First step, was of course, to introduce ourselves, and tell something interesting. I mentioned and the new Snow Index and drew some minor interest from one of the professors (yes, this class has two professors). But there was a problem. You see, the Iowa Environment requires a lab, which is only offered two times. I had class both of those times. So after class I spoke with the professors, who recommended I drop the class. That couldn't happen. You see, I'm taking 18 credits, and to graduate I need 18 credits.

Step 2: Find someone who wants shit.
The professor who was intrigued by the Snow Index works in the math department, and was greatly interested in seeing how it works. He arranged a meeting for half an hour after class to discuss it, and the lab problem.

Step 3: Trade for Chicken Salad.
The professor was greatly intrigued by the Snow Index and what I've done with it, and offered me an independent study, consisting of...

3 papers, 5-10 pages
weekly meetings to discuss my findings
1 baseball lecture at the end of the semester, given by...KL Snow. :-)

So let's summarize. I'm losing a class called "Religion in Politics," which one fellow student told me would be "the hardest class you'll ever take." I'm gaining:

1 more morning a week where I can sleep in
A math professor to help me work on the Snow Index
The opportunity to give a lecture, on baseball, to faculty, friends and potentially baseball executives.

Exit chicken shit, enter chicken salad. Gold-plated chicken salad.
This has been KL Snow

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