Monday, January 03, 2005

Hey everybody!

(This is where you say "Hi Dr. KL!")

I had a weird night of dreams last night. First, I was captured and enslaved by weird triceratops-lookin creatures, and when I tried to escape they incinerated me.

Then, Wal Mart started on fire and I ran into a (strangely uninhabited) gym type building where I followed a man in a dark robe who turned around to see me, turned out to be death, and chased me for a long time before I stole away his scythe, used the blunt end to poke him in the face, and started to run before he touched me and I froze.

The third dream, finally, didn't end with me dying. When I woke up, I was completely amused by the way it turned out, so I e-mailed it to the other person I knew in the dream, Shawn Umland, a former teacher of mine, WIAA licensed basketball official, and all-around good guy, cause I thought he'd get a laugh out of it. I apologize for the sentence structure, grammatical issues and rambling nature, I wrote it immediately after waking up from the dream. But I thought I'd share the e-mail I sent him here:

Hey Shawn,

Don't mean to bug you, but I've gotta tell you about
the dream I had last night. I was playing basketball
for Lakeland, by some bizarre occurence...basically
just trying to stay out of the way of people who knew
what they were doing. Time was running out and we were
winning, though, so I took a three, and one of the
defenders pulled me down by my arm. So I turned around
and yelled at you, "Where's the foul?" And you T'd me

Thought you'd be amused. :-) See you Wednesday.
That's all for now. This has been KL Snow.

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