Friday, January 07, 2005

I cried a little bit today.

Admittedly, I only review games when I have a bad experience. TMNT 2 entertained me for a couple of weeks, at least. Zelda: Four Swords was the first Zelda game I've ever been completely unable to put down. You didn't hear about either of those. I hated Donkey Konga, and you got pages about that. So yeah, sometimes I'm too negative.

I had a bad experience of a new kind today. You see, I've picked up a new addiction: Flipwords. You can play it at Yahoo, but to get the full experience you have to download it. The demo is 60 minutes long. I thought, "I can get a good fix in 60 minutes and then decide if I want it."

I started playing, and I got on a roll. You see, I'm good at word games. I'm really good at Wheel of Fortune and Boggle, and as luck would have it, this is almost a cross between the two. So I got on a roll. Last night I played online and lost in round 7. Today, I was rolling. Laura saved me from certain death one time around level 12, but I had pressed on, each level expecting death and miraculously surviving because of a well placed letter or free vowel, and made level 26.

Visions of high score graphics danced in my head. But the magic phrase for level 26 wouldn't come to me. Finally, with 1 turn remaining, I figured it out. I went to type it in...

And my demo ended. I screamed. A screen came up telling me to purchase the game for $19.95. I didn't even think about it. I paid. (Couldn't find a way to crack it.) After credit card information, etc, I went back to the game. A window popped up saying "Thanks for purchasing." Then it closed. And my score was gone. GONE.

I cried a little bit today.
This has been KL Snow.

EDIT: It's now Saturday, and in my third full try at the game, I reached level 31, where the phrase which stumped me was "Bubble Milk Tea." I don't know what Bubble Milk Tea is. But my score was the 445th best...of the last 24 hours. I will find you, top 10 score. And when I do, it'll say "KL" there.

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