Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This State 29 post created an interesting conversation. Here's an ALL NEW ONE ACT PLAY! to commemorate it.

KL reads the story to LAURA.
KL: The story is whacked. But y'know what's more whacked?
LAURA: What?
KL: This dude's hands. Look at them!
LAURA: I can't believe we have Maharishis in Iowa.
KL: You know what Maharishis are?
LAURA rolls her eyes.
LAURA: I've been a liberal longer than you.
KL: No way.
LAURA: Ok, who here co-founded a "Free Tibet" club in high school?
KL: Wow...did that come with a free pocket protector? What did you do?
LAURA: We...umm...raised awareness and stuff.
KL: So you spent high school trying to free Tibet, and I spent high school playing video games. And we both accomplished the same thing.

That's all for now.


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Drew Miller said...

I had that conversation right here with my girlfriend, except about the liberal pissing match. I got distracted by Invasion instead.