Thursday, November 10, 2005

First, some quick reminders.

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Now, our feature presentation.

The Vision Iowa Board announced its intent to begin negotiations with 5 groups in Iowa today. (full story) Of course, the board, with no taxpayer/voter accountability, really has no reason not to give this money away. The projects reaping the pork this time:

Clear Lake (pop 8161) Arts Center: $330,000
Conrad (pop 1020) Public Library: $200,000
Orange City (pop 5582) Community Betterment Project: $127,000
Rock Valley (pop 2702) Campground: $534,000
Sioux Center (pop 6002) Public Library: $1.3 million

I'm fine with the Clear Lake one. But the other four occupy a combined $2.5 million dollars, or about $154 per resident of these four towns. Granted, I prefer this to using it to line the pockets of Wells Fargo et al, but still...our education system struggles, 329,000 Iowans have no health insurance, and we're investing in this?


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