Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I need a new idol.

I came to this realization years ago, but it really came to a head over the weekend. You see, my idol for years has been Mick Foley. Whether he was the badass Cactus Jack, the crazy Mankind, the somewhat out of place Dude Love, or later the goofy Commissioner Foley, I ate it up. He was funny, he was tough, he was what I wanted to be, both as a wrestler, a best selling author, and a person. He was just an all around cool dude.

Then he retired. And un-retired. And retired. And un-retired. The problem is, wrestlers never un-retire to make another championship run. They un-retire because they were offered a bunch of money to get thrown down a flight of stairs by someone who wouldn't have been qualified to wrestle in the same building with them years earlier. They un-retire to make a quick buck by screwing over the reputation they spent years building.

Mick Foley has hit that point, run over it and kept going. Saturday night I got a phone call from Laura. Here's the quick version:

LAURA: There's a car show in Green Bay next weekend, you know who's going to be there?
KL: Who?
LAURA: Mick Foley. Wanna go see him?
KL: I really wish he'd stop showing up every time someone offers him 5 bucks.

I'd have driven to Green Bay 5 years ago to see him. Now, I think I'd cry if I saw him doing this. My idol has gone from being my hero to using his quasi-celebrity status to work the car show circuit. And I need a new idol. Any suggestions?

This has been KL Snow.

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Matt said...

Legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray!