Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ok, my friend Matt over at I Eat Paint ( had a really great idea recently, so without further ado, I'm going to rip it off. Here's what people around the internet are saying about Kyle:

Kyle is one of the forty-two camps north of Seoul authorized
Hardship Duty Pay of $150 per month as of 01 January 2001.

Kyle is now 39 inches tall and weighs 37 pounds.

Kyle is a fighter!

Kyle is fighting his hemorrhoid.

Kyle is 8 now and has grown into a warm and wonderful, sensitive boy.

Kyle is so special that Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland A's came to visit him
in his hospital room at All Childrens Hospital.

Kyle is leaving the position of undersecretary, and Linda
Cabatic is leaving the position of chief counsel.

Kyle is playing a B-movie actor who appears in the film Denham is shooting
on Skull Island.

Kyle is definately an under rated performer.

Kyle is popular and athletic, but he also seems to bear the scars
of his parents’ broken marriage.

And finally...

Mr. Kyle is responsible for leading a talented team of software and hardware engineers.

Yes, I know. But the Mr. was quite unnecessary.

This has been KL Snow.

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Anonymous said...

I see ya don't use yer blog all that often, Snowie. :D