Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ok, quick thought before I go back to blowing a whole Saturday on the new Turtles game:

All new one act play by KL Snow!

KL gets up from playing Turtles and goes over to his computer to talk to Ryan. This message from Ryan awaits him:

"hehehe I found this thing online, it rates how good or evil a website is. Mine's 31% evil and 69% good, yours is 28% evil and 72% good, here's the site, you can actually put a little things that says, "this site is certified 28% EVIL" it's kinda neat...

The following conversation ensued, between TheEvilKL (KL), and lilrichysspanky (Ryan)

TheEvilKL: So, it would appear, that while my post about W's tremendous free time after the election was premature, but it was also on the side of god, earning me 9975 good points.
LilRichysSpanky: lol
LilRichysSpanky: the thing that earned me some of the most points on my site was "Click the Sunset"
TheEvilKL: Although "Duuuuude, have you ever gotten a goldfish stoned?" was worth 4858 points.
LilRichysSpanky: must be the u's
TheEvilKL: "KL stares blankly" is also a holy phrase.
LilRichysSpanky: hmm
LilRichysSpanky: I was surprised at how good our pages our
TheEvilKL: "Donkey Konga is the worst video game I've ever played" - 4504 evil points.
LilRichysSpanky: indeed
LilRichysSpanky: (Link: is 60% evi
LilRichysSpanky: l
TheEvilKL: Sadly, a later line in the same post: "You'd sell your girlfriend for those coins" - 3430 good points.
LilRichysSpanky: did you read about how they determine good from evi?
TheEvilKL: A little
LilRichysSpanky: yeah I skimmed it, just saw that words starting with nouns are good...
TheEvilKL: It's just funny that "Consume shit, then die," would be a holy phrase by that angle, all words starting with consonants.
LilRichysSpanky: along with "Me Hate God"
TheEvilKL: So yeah, I'm not buying this.
TheEvilKL: unless....
LilRichysSpanky: lol, but if your site were overwhelmingly evil you'd put it on there, as would I
TheEvilKL: LOL....and I have a use for it.
TheEvilKL: is 53% evil.
LilRichysSpanky: somehow I knew that was coming
TheEvilKL:, only 18%. So once again, the Americans have failed to choose the lesser of two evils.

And on that, going back to Turtles.
This has been KL Snow.

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