Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ok, so I promised before that perhaps I'd be back later with more, and sure enough, here I am. So what's new you ask? C'mon, you know you were gonna ask...ok, well, pretend like you were gonna ask...

Ok, I'm gonna get the darkest thought out of the way so hopefully I can get past it and move on to something funnier. I thought of how I'd commit suicide tonight. I offered (mistake #1) to take Laura out to the new mall here in Des Moines tonight, it's out in Waukee on the border between the urban area that is Des Moines and the bare nothingness that stretches from here to the Omaha area. The new mall is hell. There's one crappy video game store, and a Hot Topic, which exists at both of the other malls in Des Moines. Then there's an Express, an Aeropostale, a Fossil, an Abercrombie, a Buckle and every other goddamn hellhole Laura routinely is drawn to. There's not a Gap, miraculously. But there's absolutely NOTHING I found of even moderate interest and couldn't have found at a mall closer to home.

Anyway, back to the earlier point. If I ever decide it's time to give up and end things, I'm gonna go gather a big pile of clothes at the Buckle. Then I'm gonna get myself a changing room and hang myself in there. I'm gonna leave a note that says "Your goddamn pink tinted lighting made me do it." I'm serious. The pink tinted lighting in the Gap, and Express, and the Buckle depresses me in ways I had previously thought would only be possible if someone died. I still feel out of sorts.

But on to brighter things. If you knew my plans for the new apartment, here's what's different:

I painted one room (the bedroom) instead of 4, and continue to debate Laura to keep the remaining rooms unpainted, mainly cause painting is a pain, and also because everything we paint now has to be painted back before we leave.

We're mostly moved in, had an extended debate over the proper position of my desk, but the move in went mainly without's just a lot of work, and we're not quite done yet...we're still looking for a couch and a dresser, Goodwill failed us utterly tonight (wanting $99.99 for an old beat up dresser is absurd) .

I'll leave you with something funny. Laura and I's 8-month anniversary is tomorrow, and there weren't going to be gifts, but Laura and I found a t-shirt I had to have at the's a baseball-style t-shirt with the long dark sleeves on a white t-shirt, and it says "Have you seen my weiner?" and has a picture of a weiner dog on it. :-) Weiner dogs rock.

Please don't expose me to any more pink lighting.
This has been KL Snow.

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