Friday, August 13, 2004

OK, this is the last post from Wisconsin for what will probably be a long time. But do I ever have stories to tell...well, anecdotes, really. Here's the first one, an all new One Act Play!

This one takes place on the same set as a previous one act play, with KL at his computer having a conversation with ROBIN (scoobydrlp). The conversation goes as follows:

TheEvilKL: Six days from today Laura and I will be together again...
scoobydrlp: woohoo!
TheEvilKL: I just need to make it six more days...
scoobydrlp: you can do it
scoobydrlp: here, I got a joke for ya that will help you last for 6 more days
scoobydrlp: A bear and a rabbit go into the woods to take a shit.
scoobydrlp: the bear says to the rabbit, "Hey rabbit, do you ever have a problem with shit sticking to your fur?"
TheEvilKL: LOL....where were they before? An IHOP?
scoobydrlp: lol, lemme finish before I respond to any questions
TheEvilKL: lol, k
scoobydrlp: The rather refined rabbit said, "Well no, no I don't."
TheEvilKL: Is this joke gonna end with the bear using the rabbit to wipe his ass?
scoobydrlp: dammit!
scoobydrlp: I said lemme finish!
scoobydrlp: :D
TheEvilKL: Sorry, I'd heard it. :-)
scoobydrlp: hehe
scoobydrlp: I laughed
TheEvilKL: I do think my first question was the more pertinent one though...if a bear and a rabbit went into the woods, where were they coming from?
scoobydrlp: actually, I thought that same thing as I was typing it to send to you
scoobydrlp: I'm thinking they were probably at walmart.
TheEvilKL: Perhaps. But y'know what else?
scoobydrlp: huh?
TheEvilKL: Michigan Mayhem (CBA) - Named Reggie Fox coach, pending league approval.

Anyway, after that conversation I went to work. My last day at work. So, as was to be expected, I goofed around, a lot. Actually, at one point I felt kinda bad, cause I was given a shiny new pin to put on my vest for the good work I did yesterday while I was in mid-prank on someone else. But anyway, to show they loved me, instead of punishing me for being a total goof on my last day, they gave me a job where I could goof around as much as I wanted. That's right, they made me a greeter.

With that intro, here's Today's Other One Act Play!

(WARNING: This One Act has a very large cast.)
KL is guarding the doors at WAL MART. BOB is the other greeter. KEITH is a stockman. BEE is assistant manager. SHOPLIFTER is...well, duh.

SHOPLIFTER pushes a cart, loaded with stuff, past the cashiers and out the door, past BOB.
BOB yells and turns around to follow SHOPLIFTER.
SHOPLIFTER accelerates and runs out into traffic in the parking lot, where his cart is hit and tipped over by a gray SUV.
BOB, KEITH and BEE catch up with SHOPLIFTER as KL watches from a fair distance, still guarding the doors.
BOB and BEE both stop and try to talk SHOPLIFTER into giving up.
KEITH runs in and tackles SHOPLIFTER, actually lifting him out of his shoes.
KL: Wow, that's hardcore.

Humor concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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