Tuesday, May 01, 2007

READS: Tuesday, May 1 is...

May Day
International Labor Day
Constitution Day (Marshall Islands)

No clever joke today, let's just move on.

Overrated news of the day: Longtime conservative legislator Dawn Pettengill has changed her party registration to Republican to better match her views.

The Register has coverage of the press conference the Republicans held.

Desmoinesdem at Bleeding Heartland points out that she informed the press before she informed her former caucus, which is classy.

John Deeth
asks two important questions: Will she return tens of thousands of dollars she received from the party, and has she been gathering information in caucuses to report to her new partymates?

Two more questions are worth asking, though: Since party leadership isn't progressive enough to pass VOICE, and failed to produce movement on property tax reform and other issues, does the removal of a conservative Dem from the caucus create the possibility of changes at the top?

If the answer to that question is no, then this one becomes relevant: If a legislator who votes with the Republicans and talks like the Republicans declares herself a Republican, does it really make a sound?

Finally, the Register gives the 2007 legislative session a B, even though they admittedly failed to accomplish almost all of the goals the Register set for them and most of the legislation they campaigned on. The Register must grade on one hell of a curve.


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