Saturday, May 08, 2004

Ok. nothing else today, but here are TWO NEW ONE ACT PLAYS BY KL SNOW!

Play 1: Puppy Farming:

It's KL's early birthday party. He's sitting on a couch cuddled with LAURA on his right and TARA on his left. On a footstool in front of him is a large mug of Ninja Turtle. That's right. KL's got two girls cuddling with him AND he has alcohol. Elsewhere in the room are WILL, SARA, JANEVA, ELIZABETH, BEN and LAURA. KL's memory of this scene is a little fuzzy...he was drinkin just a bit.

(someone says something about a puppy farm)
KL: I want a puppy farm!
TARA: No, puppy farms are bad!
SOMEONE ELSE: You'd eat them!
KL: (slurred a little bit) I'd be nice to them and I wouldn't eat any of them.

Play 2: The Secret Ingredient

KL and LAURA are on the way back to the apartment from the Coffee Merchant. LAURA is holding KL's Chai while he drives.

LAURA takes a sip of chai.
LAURA: Why is this chai so good?
KL: I think it's made with the souls of unborn children.
LAURA almost drops the chai.
KL: Yeah, that's a one act.

Humor concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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