Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ok, it's blog time once again, and this time for humor once again I turn to my notes from Prof. Strentz's J-Law Class, which should tell you a little something about how much I'm actually learning in class. Today, however we were thrown a nice little tidbit that isn't quite worthy of a one-act play, but absolutely worthy of a quote.

STRENTZ: The reason the chapter on obscenity is short is because it either has to be short, or quite long.
KL casts a puzzled glance to WILL, who gestures for KL to calm down.

The reason I had to be calmed at this moment is actually quite unrelated, but is the reason why among the other doodlings in today's notes, Death (w/ scythe), a kitana and a blunt morning star appear. Story time:

So this morning I'm on the highway and I hit a construction zone. We've all been there before. Two lanes go down to one, so you sit in the non-closing lane and wait for traffic to move in front of you so you can go listen to Prof. Strentz and draw things and play dots and write down stupid things. Well, at least we can all relate to the first half.

Anyway, this morning as I was sitting at the spot where two lanes go down to one a man driving a van decided he needed to be first in line, got out of the lane, drove into the closing lane and tried to cut into line at full speed. And I decided I wouldn't get out of his way, cause being an asshole makes me want you to be gone faster, but it certainly doesn't make me sympathetic to your position. So, while they had the nose of their van stuck into my lane, I simply drove around them and tried to supress my laughter while the man driving the van and the woman in the passenger seat screamed things I couldn't hear in angry faces. The person behind me let them in and they tailgated me all the way down the highway and followed me to my parking place on Cottage Grove.

I was already running late so before they got out of the van I grabbed my backpack and started walking towards school. At this point I saw a rock go over my left shoulder. And I took out my cell phone and asked if they'd like to know who the police thought was at fault. The guy got back into his van and sped off before I could read his license plate. But I'll know him if I see him again. Oh yes. And next time the day will be mine.

So yeah, that made me a little angry. I had some shaky hands for a little while in class...the Death I drew shows it.

Aside from that, things are good. And I'm going to go back to playing Pirates now.

Subsiding rage concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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Bruce said...

Honestly speaking, I do not like van drivers, especially white van men.They behave themselves on a road so outbrazen, white van man thinks that they can do whatever they want. Cutting in is their lovely manner to show superiority.
Thanks KL Snow, somebody had to teach them a lesson.