Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ok, I don't have an awful lot of time but it's been a long time since I've updated and my creative stream overflowed today, causing all the sewage to flow away and good things to come out of it for once.

The soundtrack for today's blog is available in just about any computer lab in America. It's a printer hum. If you need lyrics, here they are:


Those of you who read my AIM profile are no doubt familiar with my One Act Plays. I've decided to start keeping them here instead because A) I can send anyone to read them here and B) I'll be able to save the old ones instead of deleting them when I write the new one. Maybe someday I'll use the old ones to write "KL Snow's Book O' One Act Plays" or something.

However, I should warn ye, I been playin a lot o' Puzzle Pirates lately, so if I slip into pirate tone, be not alarmed, I say. In fact, go play some Puzzle Pirates yeself at puzzlepirates.com. I'm still undefeated in battle. I got up early this morning just to play, if that tells ye anything about how good it be.

Anyway, on to the new One Act play:

KL sits bored in class, playing dots with EMERIC while PROF. STRENTZ lectures. WILL is strangely absent, his seat is empty and GIRL WE DON'T KNOW is in the next seat down. PROF. STRENTZ calls on KL for information KL possibly should have known but obviously lacks.

STRENTZ: I emailed you about it, don't you check your email?
KL: My Drake mail?
STRENTZ: Uh-huh.
KL: No.
STRENTZ: Oh. I'll send your grade there too. It'll be a surprise.

And, for the first time ever in a KL Snow one act play, it's...

KL and EMERIC are still playing dots. EMERIC has recently announced his campaign for student body president. KL tallies the score.

KL: Me, 16, you, 33.
KL shakes hands with EMERIC.
KL: You've got my vote.

I really think dots is the best way to choose your elected officials who don't have the capability to send you to war.

Finally, today's most recent idea is a new board game titled, "The Game is A Foot." The board would be, you guessed it, a large foot, with five paths running from a start point near the ankle to toenails. Each player starts on a different toenail, and the race is on back towards the ankle. Once players reach the ankle, they receive a toenail clipper. They then have to take the clipper to a toenail without having it stolen away by another player. After using the clipper on a toenail, the player will again go back to the ankle and receive another clipper. All the while they must avoid spaces saying things like, "Blister: Lose a turn" and aim for spaces like "Buy new shoes: Roll again." I think it has potential. One could even say the idea has legs.

And with that bad pun, I'm off.

Humor concludes. This has been KL Snow.

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