Saturday, April 04, 2009

Maybe Linens After Midnight?

Here's today's joke. I'm on the road this weekend, and my fiancee is working on wedding plans. We're pretty close to done, so it's just minor stuff remaining. This morning, for example, Laura and her mom are off looking at linens.

Here's the problem, though: Their linen place has a boring name. Special Memories or something similar, I've already forgotten it. I feel like I can help. As a service to you, the occasional reader who may be thinking of starting a linen store, here are the eight sure-fire success linen store names I've come up with this morning:

Linen Rome
Linen Let Die
Pickin' and Linen
Napkins and Not Much Else
Linen on a Prayer
Workin' Hard For a Linen

I haven't copyrighted any of them, so they're all yours.

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