Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The final chapter

Every time I open Firefox, it brings me to this blog. Sometimes, I think maybe I'll come back to it and start writing again. Lately, though, it makes me a little sad, like the story you'd been following for years ended and I didn't tell you how. I've learned never to say never, but it seems relatively likely that this will be my last post in this space.

Anyway, here's how the story ends. I moved to Maquoketa and struggled for some time to find work before I found the job I'm holding now, Iowa organizer for Common Cause. I love my job, I work with incredible people and, months after it appeared my life in politics was over, I'm back to working to get big money out of politics. Visit Common Cause's Iowa page for more.

That link took me almost 2 full minutes to set up. It's been a while since I've blogged, and it shows.

Anyway, I love my job with Common Cause, but it makes it doubly challenging for me to maintain a space like this...if I didn't hold myself completely opinionless on candidates, I'd be risking an electioneering charge. I could write a boring blog, but what's the point?

I guess I could also close this blog down and start an anonymous one where it wouldn't be an issue, but I'm scared I'd fall prey to the Greater Internet Dickwad Theory. I think we all know someone who's gone too far anonymously and now writes a steady stream of inane, inflammatory, lowest-common-denominator drivel. I won't even bother linking to him.

At any rate, if you're looking for more of me for whatever reason, here's the basics:

I do on occasion write personal stuff on my Myspace blog. I still check the email address listed in the sidebar. I stopped reading blogs for a while but I'm back to it now, so if you write something that intrigues me I may comment on it.

But, barring something unforseen, this is my last post on Things I Don't Put On Diary of a Political Madman News and Notes From A New Life.



Civil Right said...

KL, Sorry to hear you won't be posting much - reasonable voices are needed (Dickwads, there are already plenty of! LOL) and you will be missed! Take care...

Jody said...

OK, I don't have your email (I know Doug does) but I wanted to get that info about making money from your blog...

I use PayPerPost, which is changing modifying to Social Spark. Check out the Cuz Mommys Rock post for info or scrolldown the left and click the PPP button. It's good for a few hundred a month.