Thursday, April 26, 2007

READS: Thursday, April 26 is...

Take your kids to work day (US)
Union Day (Tanzania)

Today I feel a rare symmetry. I have no kids, but as my job search continues, I also still have no work. So it all works out.

Not a lot of news today, but big news:

The Civil Rights Bill, perhaps partially thanks to the efforts of many of you, passed relatively overwhelmingly last night. The Register, Bleeding Heartland and John Deeth all have coverage worth reading this morning.

Here's an interesting discussion to be had: Ticket quotas. According to today's Register, Pleasant Hill has been accused of having them. I'm not sure where I stand on them. On one hand, removing the element of discretion from an officer is certainly a bad idea, and accusations like this
Zimmerman's complaint alleges that another officer "was ordered to write a ticket to a subject every time he searched a car ... and write two tickets per shift."
are certainly disconcerting. On the other hand, if you're an advocate of responsible budgeting, then having an accurate estimate of the revenue generated by traffic citations is pretty useful. I'd be curious to hear what you, gentle reader, think.

Finally, the first presidential debate of the 2008 cycle is tonight. I'll be DVR'ing it and watching it later, as I do with most TV these days. But if you're interested in watching them with a group, or have a debate watching group you'd like to publicize, check out this post at Bleeding Heartland for a full listing.


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Joe said...

Hey, you're back! I'd almost given up. Life is good.