Friday, February 16, 2007

REACTION: Jim Leach will not get to play Chief Illiniwek

In August two stories were running simultaneously with a mild connection:

1) Jim Leach was being accused of racism for handing out fake Native American headdresses at parades.

2) The University of Illinois was considering retiring its own mascot and long-time wearer of Native American headdresses, Chief Illiniwek.

I suggested a compromise: Retire Jim Leach instead and allow him to replace the Chief.

Jim Leach did his part, but the U of Illinois isn't doing theirs. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Chief Illiniwek will perform at his last home game on Wednesday, when the men's basketball team plays their final home game of the season. So it appears Leach will have to settle for one of the other 7,000 jobs he's being offered.



Snipehunter said...

I have a feeling that being a professor at Princeton will work out for him.

It's interesting that the DCCC didn't put Loebsack on their watch list for 2008. I guess they figure no Republican besides Leach could give Loebsack a run for his money. That's a pretty flattering nod from the DCCC to Leach's ability.

John said...

I'd say it's a flattering nod to Loebsack's ability.

But they don't think Leonard Boswell can take care of himself...

Emeric said...

K.L., where did you go?

Anonymous said...

Come back!