Thursday, April 06, 2006

How to waste money, Volume 3

Allow me to dust off a dusty old book...

Good evening. If you've picked up this book, it would appear you've got more money than you know what to do with, and having already attempted to throw it down rat holes (see volume 1) and urinated it away (volume 2), you're becoming quite desperate. In this volume, the penultimate tome on the topic, we will show you another way to squander your resources: making robo-telephone calls to people who wouldn't buy gold bricks from you if you were selling them for shit.

Ok, so this book doesn't really exist, but if it does, Mike Blouin just might own a copy. You see, Mike Blouin is making robocalls this week, for his anti-Bush event on April 11. Unconfirmed so far are the reports that some robocalls actually said the event is March 11. If anyone else can confirm that, leave a comment.

We recently installed some new phone lines in the office, so we're still getting a lot of the wrong number calls attached with the new phones. Two of them got calls from Mike Blouin today.

So did I. So did Laura.

If the three of us got potentially incorrect phone calls from the campaign, I wonder how much money they spent on the rest of the poorly targeted, potentially incorrect, irritating robocalls.



Anonymous said...

Not to nit pick here...but isn't this anti Bush event that your candidate personally called Mike Blouin and begged to be a part of?

KL Snow said...

Begged is certainly not the word.

And my problem isn't the event, it's the robocalls.

John said...

So is the problem the potentially incorrect info... or the percieved spending? (They're actually pretty cheap, cheaper than postcards) Or do you just not like robocalls as a medium?

I got one too.

KL Snow said...

Really, all of the above.

Chelsea said...

I got one, and so did my friend Rob.

I forgot to listen to mine: I heard, "Hi, I'm Mike Blouin," and hung up. Rob said his gave the correct date.

Drew Miller said...

How is calling Democrats in the Des Moines area improper targeting?

chet culver said...

chet not get any calls.

Nancy said...

Robocalls suck... WHO is convinced by them?