Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So I'm back from Wisconsin. Please control your excitement.

The blogroll on the left has been long overdue for an update, so here you go:

I've been meaning to add Midwest Mesopotamia for a little while now, their stuff is repeatedly good. And i'm not just saying that cause he's been on my side recently. He debuts at 2. Consistent, good stuff.

Three and four are tough, as both Drew and IE are consistently good, when they're consistent. IE's recent posting breaks have been shorter than Drew's, so she gets the nod.

Random moves down the list a bit because her Iowa political insight has been lacking lately. Don't get me wrong, your blog is your blog and the fact that I'm not interested in it doesn't make it bad, but I am ranking political blogs here.

Bob Again is on some kind of strange "I'm going to repeatedly reformat my blog and then use a background that makes it unreadable" kick.

Iowa Ramblings has been inactive for over two weeks.

Ok, so I guess no actual insight today. Just some blogging about blogs. I know everyone loves that.

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